Our oldest legacy system, Spock had a severe failure to the hardware.  We have a network status page for this.  Please login to see that information.  If you do not have a portal account, you may create one at: https://my.parcomweb.com  click account, then click register.   network status is presented on the menu within the portal.  Otherwise, contact support as we can assist.   We are sorry for the inconvenience this almost 9 year old server did its best for our wonderful legacy clients.  Very few were on it, but we did our best for those clients as we do for everyone.   Thank you for your patience - and we have something for you so contact us.

If you don't want a portal account now: Submit Ticket  

Note: We strongly suggest you create a portal account though.  So you can see network status updates, news, and see your tickets too.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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