Due to severe hardware failure for an almost 9 year old server, we are restoring one of our legacy systems called SITH, the restoration will take time.  We hope if no problems with the restoration occurs we should be up and running soon.   We appreciate your patience as lots of people stored tons of items above and beyond a web site should have (personal files, etc.) Those files will take many hours to restore and there is no telling which file is more important than others for you so we are restoring the entire drive array - a very long process.

A reminder: Parcom clients are responsible for making their own backups so if some data is different, please update it as the snapshot is now 2 days ago since the outage.  So we appreciate the patience on that too.

Thank you.

UPDATE: After an all night repair job, SITH is back online!  Sorry, the backup is one day back, the last one was not good.  We got it back to 48 hours ago.  Thank you for your patience!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

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