We know we will have have lost clients due to the recent issues with servers.  All issues with 2 servers have been resolved - the 1 server is something we will get through and since day 1 of our business over 16 years ago, this is the first time we had a severe problem that could not be resolved.  That is out of hundreds of servers, years of proactive services - and 1 mistake is tough for those affected as all our efforts go out the window as perfection for even $1 a month is expected (we know that in some of our customers and we have thick skins to deal with that desire for 100% perfection)

One in particular (spock) that server had clients served for almost 9 years without major issues until last week.  We are sorry for the problems - and for the corrupt backups.  Every one did their best.  Nothing could be salvaged.   We are working extra hard for that to never happen again.  Backups are never perfect, we all should know that.  We also wish to relay to you that we cannot afford to have backups of backups or even three backups of backups.    Your price of hosting would be unaffordable to most of you!   In fact major hosts don't even offer backups or only backup up to a point.   Every customer who left are going to worst places.  Unless they are opting to jump from $3.95 to $395 hosting - so of course setting expectations is best there.   

It is simply not cost effective and most clients pay $3.95 a month to offer triple redundant backups, and we wish to just be totally above board that no one does that kind of backups at that price range (even up to $30/mo hosting).  We do backup 3 times for our first class customers, but that is $60 a month!

In short, the corruption for spock cascaded on one machine into the backup system.   It is ultra rare.  In 16+ years it has never happened before.

There are some angry customers - and we understand 100%.   However due to the loyalty here, we have 99% customers in complete understanding and had their own backups (we are thankful to them!)   and that for years we have been loyal to them in turn.   Needless to say we are trying hard to not be totally depressed over the 1% with some threats to us and never mind the 9 years of excellence, but we won't dwell on it, customers must always maintain their own backups as that is always our policy.   So please let that be a great reminder to make backups often - we cannot stress that enough.

If the very few wish to move on, we wish you luck!  We will always be superior with our passion to serve our clients better than anyone else - we're only human and our team will always be honest and have far more integrity than any other hosting company and that is a solid guarantee.

On behalf of my team, Parcom is going to rise out of the 3 server incident stronger than ever before!   We will never admit perfection - we will strive harder towards it!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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