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WordPress not visible without a properly configured domain

If you just registered a domain, WordPress may not be visible on the web right away.   Also, if you are transferring a domain, you also may not see or administer WordPress until the domain is pointing to our systems (utilizing our name servers of course.)

Now if you are migrating an existing domain that cannot be taken down right away, there is still hope for you to manage the new location!   You may have noticed that wp-admin may not work because it depends on your domain pointing to the server... well, you can do something fairly advanced and change your host records on your computer to trick it to thinking that www.typeyourdomainhere.com goes to the IP of the server.  (We leave that up to you to figure out as that is REALLY advanced stuff for most folks, but if you understood that - COOL! You got yourself a neat trick huh?)

Ok, for those of you who do not understand host files or tricking your browser with DNS tricks - then you may need to go back to your other hosted account and manage DNS - perhaps create a new sub domain called TEMP.TYPEYOURDOMAINHERE.COM and make TEMP reflect the IP.  That may work for you.  However, it requires some time to work - so be sure to wait a bit for the new sub domain to work.   This may also seem a tad advanced for some!  We never said moving is easy!

Another way is to manage via an alias.  Domains are cheap btw!  Especially via Parcom domain registration services!  Make that alias parked and point to your WordPress site location and be the alias of the real domain.   This is tricky, so be careful doing this.

Extremely advanced way is to modify the configuration files of WordPress to reflect the temporary URL method.   That temporary URL format is: http://serverIP/~controlpanelID   - you need to be really good at editing the configuration files so be careful doing this!

When in doubt, you may need to hire a professional developer familiar with DNS and configuration file changes.  Someone very comfortable doing any of these tricks done by the experts...  Parcom can do it for a modest hourly fee - however we typically have to hire someone to help you since they will provide the time and contracts necessary to assist you in a timely manner.


Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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