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Which Parcom datacenter is right for me?

If you like what you see and you are simply unsure which Parcom datacenter is right for you then this article is written to help you out!

Information and tips:

  • The decision should be based on where you feel the most number of visitors or customers will be.  Are they mostly in Europe?  Then the answer is simple!  You must choose our European servers.  
  • Geographic proximity can not only be faster if you choose a Parcom datacenter closer to you, but it can be very good for your web site visitors!
  • Is moving from Parcom city node to city node easy?   Yes, although it can be a very technical process for some.   If you need us to help you, we do offer a modest consultation service to help you with a zero downtime move.  Many can do it on their own as we provide the tools to backup and restore, but it takes some know-how obviously.   From DNS timing changes to assuring your own workstations do not cache old IPs.   We can help if you do not want to deal with it all!
  • If you cannot decide then just ask us... we can recommend a place if you are stuck between two areas and still cannot decide.   We know this decision being a permanent one for many can be tricky.   Just don't over think it... but, we know some people do!  So, just ask and we'll help you.


Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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