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Help in deciding to move to Cloud based hosting plans

This article is for customers who are moving from our legacy hosting plans to our new cloud based hosting plans.

Here are some things to consider before you move.

The cloud is Linux based. If you need .ASP, ASP.Net, MS SQL or other Windows specific hosting features, you should consider staying with your current hosting plan. FrontPage extensions are available but are not supported since it is now considered obsolete.

The cloud hosting plans do not support SSL. (they will soon!)

If your site is html based, php, perl, or cgi based or uses MySQL for database needs - then this may be a good option for you to consider as you will have the latest version of these scripting languages


Steps for moving: http://my.parcomweb.com/knowledgebase/41/Moving-from-legacy-hosting-to-cloud-hosting.html

Tips for moving: http://my.parcomweb.com/knowledgebase/131/Tips-for-moving-to-the-new-shared-cloud-hosting-services.html


Reference:  New Parcom Hosting vs Parcom Legacy Hosting

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