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Do my logs count for disk space usage?

Yes.  Everything you do with our very advanced cloud based server systems count all things you utilize in terms of disk space.   The only exception is our back up system.   We keep that nice and isolated for you.   Something a lot of people miss out on the true value of Parcom are the little gems like backup space!   Why?  Backup space is HUGE as we backup our customer systems for disaster preparedness only - it is still up to the customer to make backups of their accounts.

Logs are just part of the equation and from time to time you may wish to purge these on your own.   Typically they are so tiny for most people that you probably could get away with deleting them once a year or so.   Some of the busier clients may want to get into advanced scripting techniques to purge their own logs... that is something we leave up to you of course!   The flexibility and amazing tools we provide our customers have infinite possibilities!

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