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I cannot pay my bill on time, is there a late fee?

Yes, Parcom has a policy to maintain a very modest late fee.   It is very modest compared to most, we are very lenient here at Parcom!   We understand sometimes times are rough for people and so we let a couple days slide here and there (past your invoice due date) but after about a work week we do have to charge a small fee to keep things fair.   At the moment we charge a 10% or $2 late fee (which ever is greater)  this helps the company overhead as well.   We have seen very few customers argue about late fees, but we felt we should be upfront and honest about this.

We need to be honest, sometimes we let one of these slide if you ask nicely... but we do have folks who are "habitual" late payment type individuals and so we have to state up front that this is a place of business too.  Thank you for your understanding and business as we have bills to pay too.   

If you know you will be late and just need an extra day or two - that's fine.  Just ask.  Remember, some service providers aren't so nice.   Take your cell phone bill for instance, if you are late, you may have to pay so much money to reactivate it, it makes our fees seem trivial.  So have that into perspective before you get mad about a $2 fee please... we're just nicer about it and respect those who are also understanding that all have to eat too.

Note: Fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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