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All of a sudden I cannot FTP, see my site, or use email but a friend can see my site. I am blocked!

Without revealing the "secret sauce" to our popular Parcom secure web site technology, if for any reason you cannot get to your web site or email but you did check with a friend to see if they can at least see your site then chances are you blocked yourself due to excessive bad passwords to our network.   What the actual number varies and is internal information we will never reveal to you or anyone for that matter.  Point is, you either have to wait for the "time out" which could be minutes to hours, or if you are impatient then by all means send us a ticket.   But, only if you waited at least 60 minutes and if you checked with a friend and confirmed they can see your web site.

If you waited more than an hour and you cannot get to your site, then your issue is so severe, you may have a potential problem internal to your network causing this.   Do not be alarmed yet, but do be cautious as it could be anything from a virus or a co-worker doing something they shouldn't be.   Communicate with us, we can work with you.   The worst thing to do is panic, or point fingers because nothing is more embarrassing to find out it was your own caps lock turned on and you set your PC to automatically check email with the WRONG password for so long that you banned yourself completely from our network.    The security systems are just doing their jobs!  It is protecting your account from attacks and hackers.

Things to look for:

  1. A desktop system or any machine that is set to automatically log in every few minutes and is using the wrong password.
  2. A mobile phone or tablet set to use the wireless network and is using the wrong password for e-mail every few minutes.
  3. An impatient user trying very hard to use a password that is wrong.  <- sounds funny, but it's human nature - so don't be surprised if a family member or co-worker on the same network is just "trying too hard."  After all, you are sharing a network so one person can ruin it for all - and make it seem like the server is down so best to educate your users to not be so persistent using a wrong password.  Reset it for them.

In summary, be patient.  Communicate the issue with us if you absolutely feel you locked yourself out for hours on end due to one of the three issues above.  Know that your site is NOT DOWN for starters.   You either unintentionally or accidentally caused your own IP address at home or at work to be banned and temporarily locked out from our network.  Easily fixed, so remember, we are here to help you - so help us help you and all will be fine!  

Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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