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Encrypted SSL FTP access with FileZilla (FTP over SSL)

(You may use this as reference for the many dozens of other FTP products out there, this one just happens to be very popular)

Basic Steps to configure FileZilla to use FTP over TLS (FTP over SSL):

1) Go to Site Manager (File, Site Manager)

2) Type the host (complete server name. i.e.: server.parcomweb.com

3) port is 21

4) Protocol: FTP - File Transfer Protocol

5) Encryption: Requre Explicit FTP over TLS

6) Logon Type: Account

7) user: (your cpanel main userID)

8) password: (your cpanel password)

9) account: (your cpanel main userID)


Note: This is subject to change without notice as the software vendor may change the product. FTP over SSL is the preferred way to access your account in a secure manner.   (SFTP is not supported because you would require SSH (terminal) access and that is not what your shared cloud service has.)   All of your FTP accounts have the ability to access FTP over SSL.

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