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FTP UserID format

Your Parcom FTP service allows you to create as many FTP userIDs as you require.  The one thing to note is that the userID format is going to look like this:  user@domain

Common mistakes:

  1. Using just the user name of "user" without the @domain part will not work.
  2. Assuming an FTP account exists but one was not created yet.  FTP user accounts must be created prior to use. =)
  3. If you have the right userID but you cannot login, when all else fails, reset the password from within cPanel.  That solves a lot of issues more than you realize!

Locked out:

If you login way too many times with the wrong password please allow 1-2 hours if you feel that you've been locked out for too many incorrect password tries.   Enough times can permanently lock you out, so please be careful!   We can unlock a customer account for free the first time.  =)


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