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Signing up for a cloud service requires a new portal account

This article is for our wonderful clients on our legacy helm system:

Upgrading to the new secure cloud hosting services, all clients must sign up for a new portal account.   A system that is far superior to anything we have used in the past.   An upgrade that did require some changes and because it is not legal in some countries for us to simply migrate your personal billing information we decided it was better to honor our customers and their privacy by allowing people to chose to migrate or not.    This goes against the minority who believe we have to move everything, but that is not legal in many places so we chose to respect your privacy is the bottom line.  Your choice, your billing information, you are respected.

The process is simple. You start just the same as any new hosting customer. The cloud control panel is different from the legacy control panel. It is completely separate and far more secure too.  So when you sign up for hosting, you actually are creating a new account. Once that account is created, then you can add more hosting plans to it as you are ready.   At Parcom no one forces you to upgrade or migrate as that is your choice to do so.

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We chose not to migrate client information between systems because we wanted customers to have a choice to remain on the older system or not.   Ever wonder why so many large companies just move data between systems without your permission?   That actually is not legal in many countries so we service so many countries that the best way to respect EVERYONE was to start clean and fresh.    Parcom does not force anyone to switch systems.  We wanted to give you that choice in light of so many other hosting companies, large service providers, and other companies getting hacked and not respecting customer information!   We chose to respect your information!    When it comes to your personal and private data, we honor our client's privacy in terms of making sure you decide if you want to provide the billing information into this new system.   That is the way it should be, and especially when it comes to your credit information.   By respecting your private billing information we do things where other companies do not do and that is hard for us, but we see that vast majority of people respect our values for your privacy.   Credit card information is your information and it should never be migrated between systems without you entering it.   That is how we maintain a much higher standard at Parcom.  Sure a very small number of people may consider this inconvenient, but you are being protected from fraud too.   We respect your privacy more than any other company would.   We appreciate the 99% who appreciate this kind of business transparency... and the rest, well, we are sorry for any inconveniences but those who love Parcom thank us for respecting their personal data.


The new system has far more control.  You can have multiple contacts (a first for Parcom) and you can give out different permissions too.  One may be your accountant but does not have access to your hosting account, or you may want to give your developer full control!   Perhaps you want to transfer ownership to someone - now you can.  You now have that control where in the past you could not even do any of that well.  

You can control your domain now.   When you register or transfer into the new system, you now can control the "WHOIS" information.  That is a must have for many professional developers.  We'll stop there as that should be self explanatory for those who like this.

Billing is far better.   You can now obtain PDF invoices all the way to seeing what is due and what isn't in greater detail.  And those who join our developer program, will notice individualized billing per client - perfect for web site developers!   


Customers will be able to manage and maintain far more than just one type of product with Parcom.   Far from just hosting now.   Your domains, and down the road far more services that we plan to offer will be extremely easy to maintain.    In time, our clients will see our long term vision for an easier to manage customer friendly portal that will evolve.

It isn't perfect, nothing is... but we try!

If you run into any problems during your signup process, just let our support team know!

Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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