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Using third party name servers

Although Parcom does not recommend the use of outside name servers (third party DNS servers) we are fine with it so long as you take full responsibility for the support, editing, management, and full understanding that we cannot do 100% of our troubleshooting with you for many things that depend on the name servers (i.e. subdomain support, etc.)    The cloud systems are dependent on our quadruple redundant and geographically dispersed name servers (more than likely superior to many name servers out there, so you are better off using ours!)  But, sometimes people are hard pressed to use some outside name servers out of sheer corporate policy, or typically lack of control over a company name server practice.   Whatever the reason, we just wanted to make sure it is known that when you use such outside name servers we cannot communicate with them and make changes.  (some people assume we do!)

So, be careful, be aware, and have great attention to detail as well as take full responsibility when you take something as important as DNS services into your own hands.


99% of DNS issues have to do with using third party name servers here at Parcom - such issues do NOT exist with our customers when they use Parcom name servers.

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