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Remote Monitoring Services Report Downtime

Due to Parcom using a far more advanced secure cloud network (built from the ground up) and constantly expanding globally - almost all third party monitoring services will not be able to monitor us 100%.   The Parcom cloud systems are gigantic clusters that are redundant in nature and uptime will look strange if not inconsistent for a good reason.  Security!  Also, during spikes or denial of service attacks a cluster could be automatically moved and that can dramatically affect how monitoring systems (cached typically) can see our systems.   We do not support the use of such services because they are meant to monitor older single server type solutions.  Using one is at your own risk.  Paying for one is definately not a good idea.

Please do not submit tickets about the use of third party services - it is simply not supported.

Many of these third party monitoring services send signals that like DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks when they use more than 3 monitoring locations.  For instance, some popular ones may have a dozen or more servers looking into our cluster - and almost always look like an attack when they all "ping" or attempt to connect at once too frequently!      Not a good idea when working with the most secure network provider so they will be blocked initially, and if they persist, they can be blocked for many hours until they stop.  The more they monitor the greater the time we block them (exponentially.)

Our systems change the dynamics of old school thinking... we had to incorporate our own in house monitoring systems to accomodate this and we work 7x24 to assure our cloud network stays online more so than traditional services.   Please trust Parcom to do the monitoring.  Our security is top notch for a reason!

Bottom line, we do not trust third party systems monitoring our systems.  And we never will.

Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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