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Change Security Question

For added security, your Parcom portal (billing system) account can have a security question added to it.   The feature is requested anytime you first sign up as a new client, but also when you reset your password.  We chose some fun, but not so standard questions for you to choose from.   Recommendations are always welcome too.  We want questions that only you should be able to answer and questions that are outside the realm that identity thieves are well aware of (i.e. social security, last four digits of credit card, high school name, etc.)  Things far too easy for them to dig up about you.    Things social engineering hackers should have a TOUGH time finding out about you  - like your girl friend's middle name to which specific Star Wars movie you like.

If you forget this, we can reset it for a modest fee of $5.  So do not forget it!  We will reset it, and send a password reset as well to the billing contact on file.

Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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