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Legacy Client notice (Helm login accounts do not work on the new Parcom portal)

Legacy Client Notice (CUSTOMERS PRIOR TO 9/2011)

Legacy customers who have an account do not automatically have a new portal account on our new systems because they are completely different.   The legacy Helm database is no longer supported by the vendor who got bought out by a company.   We moved to a new system because of that fact.  The future of Parcom has a totally professional billing portal system for our customers to move into the future of our business - unfortunately our clients have to sign up to move forward with us.

The two systems at Parcom:

1) New Central billing system for all future services (this site) https://my.parcomweb.com

2) Legacy Helm System (Windows Hosting) https://securehost.parcom.net

Some FAQs:

- Why do we not move customers to the new system?

The reason is the new system is a completely different operating system.  That is the biggest difference.   Also, many clients prefer the older system and so we maintain two.

- Do I have to move?

No.   Take your time.   Just because new technology came about and things change does not mean you are in trouble of losing your account.   The legacy systems have been in operation for many years.  And the new system has been running for quite some time in tandem too.   Because of the extreme circumstances we must maintain both.  Just all new sign ups must go to the new system for us to move forward.

- Is there more information about the new systems vs. the legacy systems?

Yes!  Here is a good technical one:  http://my.parcomweb.com/knowledgebase/40/Difference-between-legacy-hosting-and-new-cloud-hosting.html

Moving Tips:

More articles for Legacy customers are at:

Thank you for your business!

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