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Frontpage Support

Warning: Microsoft discontinued support for FrontPage extensions on Linux servers in 2006. You should exercise caution when installing FrontPage extensions, as they have been known to cause security issues. It is recommended that you use another publishing method, such as FTP or WebDAV.

FrontPage is available on our Basic or higher plans, but it is not supported by our staff because it is obsolete.  Please use at your own risk.   There is zero support from our staff.  Lots of components do not work anymore and that is not because of us, but over time things just no longer are going to work because of servers evolving well past the 2006 time frame when Microsoft pulled the plug on that popular solution.

Unfortunately it still lingers in different ways... SharePoint is one.   It is not necessary to use FrontPage extensions just to administer anymore.  You are better off using FTP (Secure FTP) to manage your site contents.    Or, consider WordPress as that is the most popular alternative 9 out of 10 Parcom customers move on to as the best choice to move away.  You will not regret it!

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