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FrontPage Mail Forms do not work

Warning: Microsoft discontinued support for FrontPage extensions on Linux servers in 2006. You should exercise caution when installing FrontPage extensions, as they have been known to cause security issues. It is recommended that you use another publishing method, such as FTP or WebDAV.

Parcom does not support FrontPage as well - it is there for you to migrate content but even the mail function for the old FrontPage bot forms do not work anymore.   We have upgraded all our systems to the point it is nearly impossible to really support FrontPage.  We know it is still popular, we know lots of people still like it - but we cannot support something that is both not secure let alone not updated anymore.    The only thing that can work are standard web site themes (some issues or bugs that have longed since been reported will never be fixed by Microsoft)  So please be aware that you are using something that has no support, no updates, no bug fixes, no nothing.   Our team cannot support this especially for e-mail.   The vulnerabilities are too risky for our systems to be compromised.   If you really need full featured FrontPage, you kind of have to find a server that is pre 2006 loaded with software so old that you will probably have more problems, but you will have FrontPage at its high and glory days again!   That's a choice you have to make.

If it were up to us, we'd just tell everyone still preferring FrontPage to please give it up.   There are such better solutions out there and most of our customers evolved to WordPress as the best alternative now.   No more software, all 100% content management based and fully updated...and its free software too!

The wise thing to do is to not cling to FrontPage anymore... it's time to move on.  =)

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