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What can you do to help protect your visitors from seeing issues with your web site?   Well, the quick answer is to invest in anti-malware solutions.   We also can provide you some tips to help you check for issues if your visitors report that your site has potential malware on it:

1. Run anti-virus against every single file on your account.   Our latest service includes a basic anti-virus solution - but please do not depend on it exclusively.  Like any file you want the public to view, we strongly recommend that you should scan your web site content on your local computer.  So for instance if you keep a complete backup of your site on your machine, run a virus scanning software on every file too.  What you upload could be infected if you do not double check your files!  And that file may not necessarily be caught by our anti-spam solution automatically - it may be newer, or it may only be caught by more advanced anti-malware software.

2. The best thing to do is have a proactive malware service running against your account.  We offer one here: Anti-Malware Solution

If your web site is important to you and you do have a reputation to maintain, then it is a wise idea to maintain a third party solution such as the one Parcom provides customers.   Especially if you are an online merchant!   In today's eCommerce world, trust with customers is now more important today than years ago.  It was important before, but because of a huge increase in viruses and malware problems out there, you need to establish a stronger reputation as a person who cares about your visitors!

Other services you should seriously add:

Truste Privacy Seal - Great for those who want to let customers know that you do value their privacy and safety online.

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