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Static IP Addresses

The shared IP of each system will bring up a generic page.   This is the shared IP of the server. 

If you want your own IP, you need to have an SSL certificate as a mandatory requirement for an IP now a days.   The reason for this is IPs are very scarce and do cost money too.   We do bundle IPs with our SSL service and in fact an SSL certificate can benefit you in more ways than one.   So your IP will represent your site, your mail will be isolated to just you and not shared by other customers, and also you can utilize shopping carts and assure your web visitors you provide security for their browsing experience.

Typically an SSL certificate is a required feature for e-commerce or taking in credit cards.  Many times it is used for forums, or other login systems to protect logins.  Now, many people use it to protect things like blogs like WordPress so that remote hackers do not sniff out your passwords in the clear because you are using secure "HTTPS" access to your site.

Purchasing an SSL certificate for your site on our new services is simple and for more information visit: http://www.parcomweb.com/services/ssl-certificates/

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