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Old Applications

Some of the open source applications and solutions may be dated in our installatron automated installer program.  This is managed by the makers of installatron, but we do our best with the Parcom community's help to notify us if an app "dies" or the open source community just gives up!   So let us know if that happens, we appreciate it!    We can remove dated apps - but sometimes you have to realize some of the dated apps are gems to some developers who depend on them (for one reason or another)... so what is one person's old solution is another's awesome starting point for something custom later on!  Make sense?  If you don't like it, don't use it... it's like so many things that are open source  - they are free, they are awesome, but sometimes, the project team behind them stop doing much with the app so follow these common sense rules:

1. Use all open source apps at your own risk.
2. Understand that the apps are supported and maintained by the developers, not Parcom.
3. We can remove really old apps if you let us know!  Sometimes they just happen...sometimes we will never be notified.
4. Apps are given to us by the makers of Installatron, but we can remove them if the community of customers at Parcom let us know to do so - or if a lot of folks feel it is something we should not list.   (Keep the point above in mind that what may be old, may be necessary to some people!)

Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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