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If you are within 30 days of a new account we can refund a credit card or paypal without fees.   Banks, as you know, are notorious for high fees, so if it is outside the 30 days, we have to add a processing fee that is passed on to consumers.  We are just more honest and don't charge more than what they charge.

For those who used a credit card via authorize.net (our credit card processing company) we tend to use Paypal exclusively.  (minus a $5 processing fee)  So as an example, if you are past the 30 day money back guarantee period, and we owe you $20 after cancelling, we will send you (via Paypal) $15. 

To avoid fees we only refund via PayPal.  In fact they are very reasonable to send funds back to you at no cost to you.   Simply sign up for an account at http://paypal.com if you do not have one yet.

Simple straight forward!   If you prefer, you can also send the amount to another Parcom client!   If you prefer that, we'll even add a bonus amount on it!  So if we owe you $20, and you give it to a friend - ask us, we may give you a few dollars and your friend can purchase a nice account with us with a nice bonus just to keep fees away from banks!   Nice huh?

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