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FTP via Windows Explorer

Here are some tips to help you connect and upload files to your website using Windows Explorer.

First you need to have created your FTP account login information.  You should have logged in to cPanel and set up your new FTP account and created a password to use.  The information should look something like this:

Server:  Usually your domain name OR the IP address of the server
Username: Should be the one you created in the format of user@yourdomain.com
Password:  The password specific to the username you are using

To activate Windows Explorer on your computer you can do one of the following:

Start > Computer, or use the shortcut Windows Key +E to bring it up.

Once Windows Explorer is on your desktop - type ftp://user@yourdomain.com into the address bar.  It may take a moment to connect and then prompt you for your login credentials.

Enter the full username and password for the account you are using and then select the LogOn option.

This should give you an FTP connection to your server and you can drag and drop the files to and from this window and your computer.

Side note:  If you put ftp://yourdomain.com in the address bar - it will attempt to connect you anonymously and you cannot upload or download when connected anonymously.  Make sure you use ftp://user@yourdomain.com so that you get the proper password prompts to connect.

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