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Statistics stopped running

If for any reason your statistics software stop running please let us know.  This is a very rare issue where something like AWSTATS potentially has corrupt data.   Typically can happen on some busier sites and the log file processing could not handle the corrupt data.  Over time it gets worse so we have to delete the days that it is not displaying and start the log file processing all over from that point forward.  Please notify us as we cannot know when this rare issue happens as the system is not designed by the makers of the individual stats program to alert us if corrupt data is there as it just processes and errors out.   Make sense?    Just let us know in these rare cases as we know what to do!   So the longer you wait, the longer your "gap" of no stats will be.

We wish there was a way for the system to mimic the human eye as to knowing when something is not visible anymore (due to this log file corruption) but until some kind of artificial intelligence is available <grin> we just depend on our customers to notify us if this should ever happen.  Again this is rare.   Thank you!

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