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Over Bandwidth Limit

To maintain a quality service over any other hosting company, Parcom does send warnings to you if you exceed bandwidth limitations of your shared hosting accounts.  We also monitor services that had the limited unmetered bandwidth packages.    Do not ignore our warnings!   If we believe you are better off having your own server, we will help you or at least tell you what you can do to reduce the bandwidth usage.   Sometimes there is a problem and your site is being abused or was hacked!   We understand.  So give us a chance, contact us!

Also, YES, we do shut down sites that go over their bandwidth.   It is to protect the server you share space with.  Although they are cloud based systems, it is still finite.  We're more about quality than quantity and many times do customers feel victimized about using too much bandwidth.  Most of the time it is more of a victim of success!  Monetize on that if you aren't being abused, rather you just have a ton of visitors!   A smart site owner would not complain about success, rather take full advantage of it!   Contact us for that too... we helped many thousands of customers see the positive side of a busy site.    Don't be fooled and go to unlimited hosts only to reduce the visitor rate due to artificial caps at the other hosting companies... that is foolish...  we don't have caps here, you just have a quality network that assures you never lose visitors.   So work with us if you wish to succeed...  but if you rather feel better being a victim, then we cannot help you then!  LOL!   One day we hope you do... many people we helped retired from their day jobs only to listen to our recommendations to monetize on very busy sites!

Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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