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Remote MySQL access

For security reasons, the MySQL port is closed at the firewall level (port 3306).. however we do understand some clients require access via remote workstations or other servers.  For this, there is a fee to maintain this custom configuration on our global security firewall system.   We are unlike many hosting companies which leave that wide open for hackers to abuse or try to exploit.  So what we ask of you is to provide us your static IP of your home or office (static because we do not want dynamic IPs on our system!)   So first obtain one from your ISP before asking us for this service.

Once you have the static IP setup and you agree to the modest management fee for this security feature, you can then access your database as you see fit.   You will also have to add it to cpanel as it too has a layer of security for your database under "Remote Database Access Hosts"  - where you can add the full domain or IP of your static IP from your ISP.    it may be something like customer.isp.  for example, or just use the IP.

This is very advanced, so you must know or have some consultant help you on your end as Parcom is not responsible for that side of your networking setup.  

The management setup cost is $75 one time.  The monthly maintenance fee is $25/month for us to allow your static IP to be allowed into the Parcom network.  - A contract will have to be signed with regards to security access for obvious reasons.  This is a serious request, so please understand that it is not a service we do take seriously.

Contact us for further details.

Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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