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Opt-Out of PARCOMBOT E-mails

PARCOMBOT is our loyal companion at Parcom, he notifies you of rare deals and also sends you some nice messages.  Nothing fancy really.  He is there to let you know of upcoming specials to notifying you of your bills with Parcom.    You may opt-out of most of his sales offers (you will be missed by him) but you will still receive important notices that are not optional (i.e. paid invoice notices, etc.)

To opt out of the fun stuff, just log into the portal (https://my.parcomweb.com) then in the upper right hand corner click edit account details.   This is where you will find a check box called ""

Things you will miss out on:

  • Unique specials only offered by PARCOMBOT
  • Some important SERVER information or network status from the staff
  • Updates from the owner about changes to the business
  • and much more...  as you will find we hardly contact you, and that is intentional.  But, we understand you already get enough messages!  Just remember, it will make PARCOMBOT very sad.

Thank you!

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