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Default Parcom Holding Page

Parcom places a default home page on all new hosting plans.  (This is automatically generated when you first sign up with Parcom.)

To replace the page the server redirects visitors to:

Simply upload your own home page via FTP and it will display that instead.  (How to use FTP is outside the scope of this article)  This file must be uploaded to your www or public_html directory.   If you are not comfortable uploading files to your account, please contact a web site developer to assist you.  (Important: Do not upload to the ROOT.)


  1. Applications such as WordPress will automatically generate a home page.
  2. For a list of names you can use visit: Acceptable default home page names.
  3. Having more than one default home page can add some challenges, so be sure to only have one or the server will pick the first one in the order above.


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