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Backup Space

Parcom provides a top quality backup service for your cloud hosting account.  As per our policies customers agreed to:  It is the customers responsibility to maintain additional backups of their own.   Our complete server backups are for disaster recovery only.

Key features of our backup service:

  • They are complete and full backups that you can create on demand.  Custom automated backups should be done by customers via scripts or manually downloaded via FTP.
  • You can restore the entire account to other Parcom cPanel servers across our cloud network.
  • Downloading a single backup file is easy by way of our control panel.   This allows you to obtain a single file within the archive. (.gz file)
  • If you are an advanced user, you can download the single backup file and view the contents to obtain a file you seek to restore on your own.  This is not something we support, and doing this is at your own risk naturally.  

How to restore your site will overwrite your entire account.  Do this carefully because backups also contain your "add-on domains" so be careful!  Parcom strongly recommends that production web sites be housed in their own accounts (not shared as add-on domains due to the fact backups are one single backup)

More information is provided within cPanel.

When restoring backups, clients take full responsibility when doing so.    If trouble should arise, Parcom can do its very best to restore from our own backups - but if the backups are containing the same corruption due to hacked files, etc.  We cannot guarantee success.   The only thing Parcom can do in those rare cases is to restore to a brand new site and the client can restore what they can from the remaining files manually.   Rare, but that is our policy to protect Parcom from certain requests we cannot possibly fix.

Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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