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Directory Structure (and files to not delete)

The following important directories should never be deleted:

  • www (redirects to your public_html document area)
  • public_html (your web site)
  • public_ftp (don't delete)
  • mail (all of your email configuration and messages)
  • etc (don't delete)

Your web site contents should be contained in the public_html folder.  Deleting this folder is not a good idea unless you want to break your web site!

Important: When in doubt, don't delete.  If you do want to delete something, run a backup first!  The system is nice in that it will send you an email if your backup takes a while.

Backups: If you do make a mistake, your only way back is to use the backups that occur daily, weekly, or monthly.  There is a modest consultation fee if you require Parcom to rebuild your account.  However, if you do not wish to pay, the only thing we can do for free for you is to restore a blank web site as if you got a brand new account on day one.





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