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Security: Password lock outs

Our new cloud technology incorporates a very good anti-password brute force attack system.   This comes at a cost, but not too bad of a cost!   If you fail to enter the correct password enough times on Cpanel, mail, billing system, and even FTP, you can block yourself for a brief period of time (The time is not public information for security reasons.)

Now, lets say you become impatient, and you continue to ban yourself more and more... well the worst case scenario is you ban your IP and add more time to the block period exponentially to the point you are banned from the server for hours, then days, then weeks.   Generally this looks like a hacker trying to get into your account as they try all sorts of passwords!  The system is doing its job!

Best if you reset your password for cpanel via our customer portal once you are allowed in.  Don't keep making it worse!  If it is your email account and you have an employee constantly banning you, then make sure you make your staff aware of the security feature that they should not keep trying a bad password all day long as that just makes it worse for you.

Now if you know you have done bad passwords enough times that you seem to not be able to get in after a half day or a full day, then contact us then.  Please wait at least a couple hours prior to asking for help.  Because, all we will tell you is to wait for a period of time before you are no longer locked out.

IMPORTANT: The only way to know you are banned for weeks is if you wait a full 24 hours and you still cannot log into email or FTP.   Only then should you contact us.  Please do not ban yourself daily, as that causes a lot of work for us and we truly do not wish to have to charge you to unlock your account everyday.  =)

In summary, give it time if you ban yourself.   When in doubt feel free to ask us if you have any questions about our very secure system that many I.T. professionals would kill for!

Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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