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Add on Domains

For customers who have signed up for hosting with add on domains.

The add on domains feature is found in your cpanel hosting login. Log in to your cpanel control panel to add domains to your hosting plan. This does not transfer or purchase domain names, it simply allows you to add the domains to your hosting plan.

Please note that add-on domains are always limited in terms of functionality, especially with regards to advanced management (i.e. backups, mail, etc.)   They are great for multiple aliases of a company or a temporary location to work on a web site that will eventually be its own account but in time you will see that it is always best to maintain a full account with domains.    Do not see it as a way to save money as you ultimately do not have the same features and it adds more work to yourself if you end up wanting to break accounts into many.   Logging becomes really challenging as the #1 issue.  #2 is backups as they are all one giant backup!  Remember that - as this is not mean to replace reseller solutions.

As always, if you have further questions, please contact our support team.

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