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Scripts and Programming help

Generally, Parcom does not provide scripting or coding expertise for your web site for mostly legal reasons.   We do not touch, modify, or provide free consultation to help you with your code.   We realize saying this openly can be seen as odd to some, but we prefer to be your web site hosting company not your developer.   Developers make a lot more money than we do, so give them the business if you are unable to fix some code issue you are having.    Our servers are all by the book, our latest systems support the latest PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Perl.   Such languages are popular in the web development community - and if you cannot find out any answers on the Internet for free we strongly advise people to either a) learn from books or, b) consider advanced web site development classes at a local college or technical school.

In the years of doing hosting, we sometimes encounter people expecting free coding help.  Sometimes from developers!   If you insist that we do get involved, we also insist we hire a much higher level developer to assist you - which we may have to do on your behalf, but such a request will not come cheap.   In our experience we tend to defer to the "experts" if a client is out of their comfort zone with coding.    Just like anything in life, there is always someone with greater skill than you!   If you have the money, there is someone with the talent to help you!    We remain your hosting company but we can broker a deal with a developer.


** Are you a developer?  Maybe you can be the one we defer to as well.   We always look for trusted Parcom developers loyal to our company!   Contact us if you are interested in being on our short list of recommended developers for our customers.

Note: Please contact us if you wish to add information to this article. Thank you!

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