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Slow CMS/Blog Sites

We see this from time to time, but before assuming you have a content management site issue (CMS) or blog problem - be sure to troubleshoot if your "plugin" or "app" that you may have added to your site is the problem first.  Many add-ons we have seen depend on outside servers to provide the functionality to your site.   For example, if you use something as popular as Wordpress, and you add that fancy widget that translates your site using a third party - that third party could have a server issue slowing you down!   Remember to test by disabling things by process of ellimination... that works.  It helps us too.  A lot of times, if we see a content manager being used, we will ask you something similar... and 9 times out of 10, it's the plugin causing people issues!

Speed problem?  Always maintain some small standard HTML or PHP page that is custom made and not part of your content manager.   For instance, create a little page with an image or two.   Keep it in a hidden directory.   Use it as a test page to see if it comes up when your CMS does not.  Make sense?   That can reveal a lot to you and assure it is not Parcom before you ask us for help.    We know it is easier to just ask us for help, but with so many add-ons, so many widgets, so many third parties...  Believe us, even Facebook modules have slowed people down in the past!  So even the biggest of corporations have issues with their massive cloud systems.   Don't believe us?  Well, next time something like facebook gets a denial of service attack, you will see a huge number of people complain about their sites slowing down... all because of the dependency of their "LIKE" buttons.    Even twitter feeds can slow you down!  At around lunch time in the U.S. a twitter feed can slow your site down as much as 20%.   Remember that!  It's not Parcom all the time is the point this article is addressing... =)

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